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Circus Support For Endo Warriors

The Cabaret

Join us for an evening of stunning performances kindly donated to us by circus artists across the world. Many made extraordinary, beautiful, comical and touching short films over lockdown and before this pandemic life.  We are honoured to be able to share these creations with you and hope that you will enjoy the evening, which will be magnificently presented by the wonderful China Blue, our fearless performance artist, actress, singer songwriter compère who will guide you through the show.

Coffee Morning

Host your very own coffee morning and raise money for Endo Support United. Tag us in your photos and updates and we will send you a thank you gift. 

Cake and a cup of tea or coffee is the best and most delicious way to raise money.

We cannot wait to see what you do! 

Download our posters below and add your details. 

Don't forget to tag us so we can share your amazing efforts!

Coffee Morning Posters
PDF – 364.8 KB 157 downloads

Online Concert 2021

Our Deputy Directors Beth and Emily created this amazing concert of very talented singers, in the hope of raising money and creating something great during a pandemic that affected everyone. The concert was hugely popular and we raised over £200! It was such a success that we have decided to make it a yearly event!


Each ticket sold ensures we can keep supporting adolescents with endometriosis. Funding is a vital necessity in keeping our campaigns active.