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Pride & Prejudice - We Are One

We have decided to launch this campaign in response to the bias within the medical system and endometriosis community.

Endometriosis is often referred to as a "women's" disease, it is important that people recognise  that this illness also affects transgender and non-binary people.

Living with such a debilitating condition is hard enough, but imagine always feeling like you are being judged and having nowhere to turn for support. Imagine being denied the basic respect of being referred to in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

At Endo Support United we stand against discrimination in all its forms. We have found that transphobia in particular is a prevalent problem among the endometriosis community, and we are determined to change this.

We Are One

We have created a system that is safe for all minorities because they deserve the same level of care others get. To feel safe shouldn't be dependant on race, ethnicity, gender, medical care should be the same for everyone.

Anyone under the age of 19 who has been discriminated against when seeking medical care will be eligible for 5 free counselling sessions with a Counsellor of their choice.

We will also provide names of specialists who have signed an agreement with us stating they will not discriminate and that everyone is safe in their care.

This is only the first step in changing the flawed system but we will keep breaking down barriers until everyone gets the care they deserve.


Have you been discriminated against by a medical professional? Do you think counselling will help you? 

Get in touch and our team can hopefully help with the healing process.