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Project Prepared

Our research for Educating Endo led us to the horrific discovery that period poverty affects 1 in 10 school children in the UK. We soon realised we needed to address period poverty in order to raise a more informed audience. Adolescents in poverty stricken families are less likely to know what is and is not classed as a normal menstrual cycle.

The purpose of this campaign is to support the most vulnerable adolescents in society because period poverty can affect mental health as well as education and social activities. Project Prepared will be available for all pre-teen and teenage girls up to the age of 18 who meets the criteria for assistance. Our care packages will include a range of sanitary products that will be free of charge. Project Prepared will ensure that the most vulnerable and at risk adolescents will be able to face their periods when they are at home and are unable to use the government allocated free products in school.