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** Important**

Alexandra & Endo Support United Ltd. do acknowledge that endometriosis can make any form of exercise impossible to achieve. We ask you check with your primary care physician before attempting exercise or diet change.

I'm Alexandra Elizabeth..

I am your pocket sized EndoWarrior with a passion for fitness, food and freedom.

I have been surviving Endometriosis for over 13 years and am finally thriving with it. 

Surviving? Thriving?

Not your typical words when talking about endometriosis but after years of letting the condition control me, my mental health and all aspects of my life, I decided to fight for the career I had dreamed of.. I hope to help other EndoZombies take back the control through fitness, nourishment and mindset.


Because you are more than your condition!


Cllr Michael Brown

Newark and Sherwood district council

Edwinstowe and Clipstone Ward

"I wanted to help with endometriosis because of the hidden factor and people not taking it seriously as they can't see it. It is the same with conditions such as fibromyalgia and diabetes. If you break your arm people see and understand, internal issues people don't see and can't comprehend"

Cllr Michael Brown has been really supportive and has helped us to reach vulnerable adolescents in need of our support, who may not have been able to find us without his help.

Support from vital members in society, such as Cllr Michael Brown, means questions begin to be asked.

Such as..

What is endometriosis?

Why haven't I heard of it before?

Why should I care?

Every question is good because questions create intrigue and intrigue starts the conversation.


This is a youth worker and food bank who are now able to provide adolescents in period poverty with necessary sanitary products thanks to Cllr Michael Brown sharing our Project Prepared.

Endo Support United Merchandise

All monies raised through our merchandise is used to keep our not for profit organisation active. We are only able to help so many teenagers because of your overwhelming generosity. Please feel free to browse items in our shop here

Hey Girls

Hey Girls was founded by a mum and her two daughters. They advocate for every person who is currently going through period poverty. Hey Girls donate a box of sanitary items every time someone purchases from their range of products.

We are extremely proud to announce that we are an official donation partner of Hey Girls. This partnership provides us the means to continue Project Prepared.

GirlGuides UK

Girlguides have been a vital part of adolescent growth since 1910. Girlguide leaders are in a unique position in the community. They become friends, counsellors and problem solvers. We believe teaching the girls to speak out about their periods and having an understanding of endometriosis is the first step in eradicating the stigma around periods and reducing the time it takes to get a diagnosis. 

"Whoever they are, wherever they are from, girls and young women can be amazing things - We give them the chance"